Aloe Vera & Forever : A hobby, a passion.

"Aloe vera and health"

"... Anyone who does not spend every day on their health has to sacrifice a lot of time for the disease ..."
(Sebastian Kneipp)

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FOREVER was founded in 1978, has its own headquarters in over 155 countries and is the world's largest grower and distributor of the purest Aloe Vera gel.
The size of its own plantations with aloe vera cultivation amounts to more than 6000 hectares in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.
FOREVER supplies the most Aloe Vera with a world market share of over 90%.
In addition to the Aloe Vera products, FOREVER has expanded its product line with products from the hive.
FOREVER is also the The world's largest beekeeper with a world market share of more than 60%.
The beehives stand on a high plateau in the Sonoran Desert.
Forever Living Products cultivates all of its aloe vera itself and can therefore confirm that it is growing in the cleanest possible environment.
All Aloe Vera products use only the purest ingredients, plant extracts and oils.
Our entire range is ph-neutral, hypoallergenic, protected against environmental influences and degradable.
Many of FOREVER's products carry both the Kosher, dermatest and Islam labels and indicate that product purity is well recognized.

None of our products has been tested in animal experiments or contains animal by-products.


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